Interview with Aimee Agresti!

Hey!How are you?I am good,I’m trying to stay alive with so many examns . x_x

Anyway,I have an awesome interview for you with a special author: Aimee Agresti who is a little…Romanian!Yes,guys,her grandmother was Romanian.Isn’t this awesome?I am more curious about her book, “Illuminate” now that I know that she’s a little Romanian. 🙂

1.For the start,tell us something about you.

Hi! Thanks so much for having me! Well, ILLUMINATE is my first novel, but I’ve actually been an entertainment magazine writer for years. Most recently I was on staff at Us Weekly, which was tons of fun! I love my celebrity gossip!

2.Tell us some things about your books.

ILLUMINATE—the first book in the Gilded Wings trilogy– is about an angel who’s forced to battle a pack of gorgeous soul-stealing devils and ends up falling in love with one of them!

3.How did the stories come in to your mind?

I wanted to write the kind of book I would’ve loved as a teen: something with a great mystery, romance, a sense of adventure and, above all else, a strong heroine! Girl power!

4.Do you have a favourite character from all characters in the“Illuminate”?If yes,who is it?

I love them all! But if I had to choose, I would say Haven because I just love her evolution: she’s a little awkward and unsure of herself at the start of the book but she’s so strong at the end.

5.Tell us if “Illuminate” will have a seqeul.If yes,share something about it with us.

Yes, indeed, I’m actually polishing up the sequel right now! In Book Two of the Gilded Wings trilogy, Haven and her pals head to New Orleans to face a new pack of devils. But don’t worry: you haven’t seen the last of Lucian!

6.Which is your favourite book series or book?

I grew up reading the Nancy Drew series and it’s still my all-time favorite!


Nancy was just so strong and smart and fearless—everything I always wanted to be–I loved her!

8. From where does your inspiration come?

Inspiration comes from everywhere! ILLUMINATE is actually an update of one of my favorite books “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” But it’s also inspired by all the strong, adventurous heroines I used to love to read as a kid: Jo March, Nancy Drew, Alice in Wonderland, Lizzy Bennet, and on and on!

9.Which is your favourite movie?

I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan so my favorite movie is a toss-up between “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Roman Holiday.” I’ve seen both of those a million times and I can’t get enough!

10.What do you think about “Twilight”?

I love “Twilight”! I devoured those books, what an irresistible love story!

11.Did you ever want to be a mystical creature?

I’ve always wished I could fly—which is why ILLUMINATE is about angels!

12.What do you think about Romania?

I love Romania! I’m actually part Romanian: my grandmother was Romanian!

13:What do you prefer: Romania or Greece?

I would love to visit both of them!

14.What do you think about Romanian literature?

I know there are some fantastic writers there, I need to brush up on my Romanian literature. You’ll have to give me some of your recommendations!

15.How did you become an author?

I always knew I wanted to be a writer! And even though I went to journalism school and spent years in the magazine world, I secretly dreamed of writing novels!

16.And now…a selfish question: what do you think about my  blog? 😀

I love your blog! It’s so wonderful that you cover so many American writers and I’m so honored to be featured on it, thank you so much for including me!

And now,tell something to your Romanians readers.

Hi! Thank you so much for reading! I’m hoping ILLUMINATE will be translated and published there soon. You can keep updated on ILLUMINATE news and contact me at, I love hearing from readers!

What do you think?I want you to show some love to Aimee,guys! ❤


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