Top 15 carti citite in 2012!

Pentru ca aceasta este ultima zi a anului, am zis ca este bine sa fac un top 15 carti citite. Am stat de dimineata, am ales cu grija, si acest acest rezultatul:

(English: Because today’s the last day of this year, I thaught that it’s ok the make a top of the best 15 books I read this year.I was thinking since morning about the books that I liked the best and this is the result:)

“Creatura” by Nely Cab

2.“Ember” series by Madison Daniel
3.“Ruby Blue” series by Julie Cassar
ruby blue
deja blue
4.“In my dreams” by Cameo Renae
in my dreams
5.“Easy” by Tammara Webber
6. “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver
7.“If I stay” (“Daca as ramane”) by Gayle Forman
daca as ramane
8.“Shadows&Voices” by Jason Ellis
9. “Kissing Shakespeare” by Pamela Mingle
kissing shakespear
10.“What kills me” by Wynne Channing
What Kills Me Cover Small
11.“The Mephisto Covenant” by Trinity Faegan
the mephisto covenant
12.“Necessary Evil” by Adrian Lupsa (In curand si recenzie)
necessary evil
13. “Rift Healer” by Diane Haynes
rift healer
14. “The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap” by Paulette Mahurin
the persecution of mildred dunlap
15. “Dare to Dream” -One Direction
dare to dream

Aceastea sunt cele 15 carti care le-am citit si mi-au ramas intiparite in minte si in inima.

Sunt curioasa care sunt cele mai bune carti pe care le-ati citit voi anul acesta.Asa ca, va rog sa imi lasati un comentariu cu cartile care v-au placut cel mai mult.

(Enlighs: These are the 15 books that I read and that remained in by mind and in my heart.)

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