Book Review: ‘Unraveling’ by Micalea Smeltzer





Katy Spencer’s life fell apart two years ago. Since then, she’s closed herself off. She’s a shell of the person she used to be. The only person she trusts is her best friend Rollo, but even he can’t keep the nightmares away. Then she meets Jared. He’s the first man she’s been around since the event that she’s not afraid of. He makes her heart race, not in fear, but in a fluttering that could become something meaningful.
Jared can tell that Katy is broken. He sees something in her eyes that he’s often seen reflected in his own. 




Jared is determined to get to know her. 
He wants to solve the mystery of Katy Spencer. 

He will… unravel her.


I received a free copy of this book from Micalea. Thank you so much!

To be honest, I remarked ‘Unraveling’ a few weeks ago and I immediately wanted to read it. First, the cover is stunning. Simple, but so beautiful! Second, the synopsis drew me immediately. I knew I had to read this book because it is different and something was just screaming ‘This book is awesome!’ .

When I received this book, I couldn’t wait to start it. I wanted to read just a few pages, to make an idea, but I couldn’t put it down. Once I started I couldn’t stop reading.

Honestly, I’m super glad I read it because…. OMG, I LOVED.LOVED.LOVED.IT! How can I describe this book? ‘Unique’. ‘Unraveling’ is unique. It’s beautiful. It’s sad. It’s beautiful written. It’s everything I want from a book.

From the first chapter, Katy’s story and personality captivated me. Her sadness broke my heart, but also hooked me, in a way. I didn’t know the reason behind this sadness and I wanted to find it want. And when I did, I was so anger with that idiot that did this to her that I wanted to rip his head off!! And Katy’s mother… UGH!

The characters are so strong that I could actually feel them. Like they were real persons. Like I knew them. Like they were my best friends and I knew them so well. This rarely happens to me. So, the characters are  strong points at this book. They are well created and each one of them has a story that needs to be told. I want to read a special book for each one of the characters, but I am very happy that I’ll get a book about Holden and Karlie.

My favorite character? Well, I loved (like litarelly loved) all of them. But the best scenes were those when both Karlie and Rollo were in. I mean, Karlie is a genius! She’s smart, funny and she always says what she thinks, but there is something that makes her sad. And that something is also one of my favorite character .

Rollo? Don’t get me started! That ‘boy’ is one of the best character e.v.e.r.! Like e.v.e.r.! He’s (why did I wanted to write ‘she’) sooooo funny and adorable that I loved him from the start. You know why I love gays in books? Because they are perfect. I’ve always wanted a friend that is gay, but it’s a little hard to find one. So I guess I’ll just keep Rollo.Oh, I loved how protective he’s toward Katy and how much he loved her.

Jared? Well… this is another subject. He’s sexy, but not a bad boy. He’s kind, protective,gentle, smart and… he has a story that broke my heart. I loved how he waited for Katy, how much he loved her and how perfect they were together.

There are some beautiful and romantic quotes in this book. In fact, Micalea’s writing is so beautiful and everything she writes has a deep meaning that I rarely find in books.

‘Unraveling’ is one of those books that stays with you while you’re reading it and loooong after you read it. I was so into the story and I cared so much about Katy that I had a nightmare. It was actually kind of weird, because I felt like I was Katy. And I was living ‘the event’. This never happened to me before.

I loved the ending! It was so sweet and perfect!! That was an ending that I liked!

I have to recognize that the only thing that I didn’t like about this book is the editing. This book should go through another round of editing, because I found a lot of punctuation mistakes and there were some words that I found a million times.

I can’t wait for Micalea’s next book, that one with Karlie and Holden. I bet I’ll love it as much as I loved this one.

‘Unraveling’ is a special book that will always have a place in my heart. I wish I could read it again, but unfortunately, I can’t. Not right now, at least.

 Strong characters, heart breaking story, beautiful love story and a super talented author. 5 stars out of 5. 🙂


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