Review: ‘Losing Connor’ by Amanda Alberson

losing connor



At 17 Cassandra Coven made the heart wrenching decision to give her baby up for adoption. When her boyfriend Declan couldn’t handle the choice he walked away from their relationship. Years later both Declan and the baby she gave away are thrust back into her life. How will Cassie deal with coming face to face with her past regrets, and can she handle losing them again? Follow Cassie on an emotional ride through her past and into her future.


*I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!*

“Losing Connor’ is a book that impressed me. It’s a short book- about 140 pages- but it helds so many things between these pages that it’s overwhelming. And I loved it. I read it in one sit and loved every minute of it.

The scenerio may seem a clichee. Two teenagers fall in love, the girl gets pregnant. This time, the scenerio changes a bit. The girl is the one who refuses to rise the child, even though the boy loves her and wants to be with her forever. I have to say that I really appreciated this change. Usually, the boy is the one that leaves. But Amanda chose to be different and slightly changed the story.

There is so much dramatism and emotions in this book that it’s overwhelming sometimes. I couldn’t not cry! I mean, serious, the feelings were so well described that I felt every.single.thing. that Cassandra “Cassie” Coven felt. So yes, “Losing Connor” is a huge emotional rollercoaster that will make you cry.

The story is very captivating from the start. After I started it, I found myself looking forward to reading the book again every time I had to eat or talk with my mom. I was really curious to see what happens between Cassie and the lovely Declan. And I wanted to see what will happen with Connor as well.

I liked the way Amanda told us Cassie and Declan’s story. One chapter was in the present and the next was 5 years earlier. It was very interesting!

I didn’t agree with Cassie and her decision of giving her baby. I mean, that was Declan’s kid too! If he proposed to her and he got a job and her mother could’ve help them out, then things weren’t so complicated as she thought.

I was pretty happy with the ending. Except… well, yeah. Connor. I wish… well, I should shut up. If I’d tell you what I wish, it will be a huge spoiler.

“Losing Connor’ is an amazing book about mistakes, second chances, love and drama. It showed me that true love enver dies and it always wins.

Rate: 5 stars out of 5


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