Review: “Tripping me up” by Amber Garza

tripping me up




I may not have special powers, but sometimes I think I’m invisible. No one in my high school seems to notice me at all. When they finally do it’s because the popular Tripp Bauer accidently smacks me in the face with a wad of paper. Talk about humiliating.

Only now he keeps talking to me.

At first it was to apologize, and I figured once I forgave him he’d go away. But he doesn’t, and now my feelings for him are starting to grow. And that scares me. Guys like Tripp Bauer don’t fall for girls like me. Or do they?


*I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!*

O.M.G.!!! This book is perfect!! I couldn’t find it any flaw!  I am speechless!

“Tripping me up” is such a sweet book! It’s one of my favorite love stories! Yes, it may seem like a common story: unpopular/invisible girl  falls for the popular/hot guy that everyone wants and they have a perfect relationship that no one agrees with. BUT! There’s a lot more about “Tripping me up”.

First, Tripp is not your typical hot guy. He’s not arrogant, stupid, happy, free or careless. No. He’s kind,sweet, careful, smart and so-not-free-or-happy.He has a dad that is tyrant. He doesn’t swear and he respects the people around him. I was very impressed because he never told Hadley that she’s hot. He always told her that she’s beautiful. I think this says a lot about Tripp and about the book.

Hadley is very sweet. She’a a normal girl, with a great heart and mind. I lvoed her from the start.

OMG I totally loved Sonya!! She was an absolute bitch! I still get angry thinking about her!!

Hadley and Tripp are very sweet together. Their love isn’t the kind of insta-love we are used to. Tripp had to fight a little to get Hadley to trust him. Loved this thing!

There’s a lot of intrigue that made me read without a break. I wasz very curiosu to find out what is Hadley’s secret and if Tripp will take attitude in front of his dad.

“Tripping me Up” (I see what you did here, Amber!! ;)) ) is the knd of book that breaks your heart. And then it heals it. It’s a book that it’s so intense and sad, but in the same time it gives you a reason to smile and laugh. It melted my heart. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I giggled and I got angry while reading it.

The editing is perfect done! Whoever did it, did an amazing job!

Again, I loved “Tripping me up”. It’s a book that stays ith you long after you’ve read it. And I can honestly say that this book will always have a special place in my heart!

Rate: 5.5 stars out of 5.


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