Review: “Nocturne” by Andrea Randall & Charles Sheehan-Miles




Savannah Marshall is a gifted flutist and daughter of musical royalty when she enrolls in the elite New England Conservatory of Music. Brilliant, eclectic and passionate, she lives music, but struggles with her plans for the future.

Gregory Fitzgerald is one of the most renowned cellists of his generation. A member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and professor at the Conservatory, he is laser focused on his career to the exclusion of friends, family and especially romance.

When Gregory and Savannah’s paths cross in the classroom, it threatens to challenge more than their wildly differing beliefs on music. Friendships, ethics, and careers are put on the line as Gregory and Savannah play a symphony of passion and heartbreak.

In the final movement, Gregory and Savannah are handed their greatest challenge, as the loss of absolutely everything they’ve held as truths hangs in the balance.


*I was provided with an ARC for my honest review. Thank you!*

W.O.W.! I finished ‘Nocturne’ a few hours ago and I’m still ‘recovering’. ‘Nocturne’ just blew me off.  If I should describe it in one word, that word would be ‘Brilliant’. Because this is what ‘Nocturne’ i: brilliance.

I’ve been desperate to read it since I heard about it. Because I am a musician myself. I am a violinist, to be exact. So this world is very familiar to me. I dream about being a soloist, I’ve played in an orchestra and I am studying at one of the greatest conservatory in Greece. I love classical music and I know everything about being in love with an instrument. I understand about giving up your life for music. I understand Gregory and Savannah.

“Nocturne” is a read that obsessed me and consumed me. I was so into the story that at some point that I forgot to eat. This rarely happens to me, so I think you can imagine how much I loved reading this.

I haven’t read any of Andrea’s or Charles’ books before. But I will sure do it soon. Because they are excellent authors. So talented that I couldn’t discern Andrea’s writing-style from Charles’. I tried, but I couldn’t. Either their writing-styles are the same, either they have the best writing skills.

Andrea and Charles created one of the most beautiful love story I’ve ever read. It’s the kind of story that it’s a tragedy. It makes you sad. It’s heartbreaking. It makes you wonder if having a career and having to keep some appearencies is worth. Savannah and Gregory’s story has “tragedy” written all over it. Yes, I almost cried. Because it’s such a sad story yet so  beautiful. Even when Savannah and Gregory got together there was a sadness and melancholy in the atmosphere of the book that prevented what it was to follow.

The music is all over this book. I think I loved this book even more because I read about everything that I love. Music, instruments, musicians, orchestras, concerts… this book has everything I breathe.

This book felt so real to me. Everything felt like I was in the story. I felt every single thing that the characters felt. I felt joy. I felt heartbreak. I felt love for music. And this book made me wanna grab my violin and play until I couldn’t stand on my feet.

Gregory is an interesting character. Sometimes he’s a bastard. Sometimes he’s every women’s dream. I think I might have a crush on him.

Savannah… oh my, I loved her too! She is such a strong, different character! She and Gregory rocked this book! J

A thing that is unbelieveble is Gregory’s practicing. No one, and I mean literally no one, can practice for 18 hours or more. It’s just… impossible. You can’t study more than 8 hours without ruining the piece. If you practice more than 6 hours, you become a robot. You play, but you don’t think. You don’t hear. And, I say it from experience that after 4 hours without a break, you won’t be able to move your fingers. This is a thing that annoyed me a little.

The first part of the book isn’t so.. what’s the word? Depressing?Heartbreaking? Yeah, heartbreaking it is. So, I was saying. The first part of the book isn’t as heartbreaking as the second part. There’s still something jovial in it. It’s the first stage of a love. It’s that part when you meet someone and you just discrover each other. That is how the first part is. Until the end.

Then, the second part. It’s heartbreaking yet it has something joyful. The characters are obviously more mature, the situation is even more complicated then it was. Greyson is changed. Savannah is changed too.

The end? It made me want to start it all over again and read it again. Yup, I loved it that much.

“Nocturne” is an emotional roller coaster. It’s a book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it. It’s definitely one of the best book I’ve read this year. People, go read it!! It’s like no other book out there. You will love it, trust me! 🙂

Rate: 6 stars out of 5 


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