‘Dear…’ (1)

Asta e o rubrica noua, in care scriu scrisori unor personaje/autori. Fara alte palavre, astazi ii scriu lui Hazel Grace din ‘Sub aceeasi stea’, “fiica” lui John Green. (Scrisorile sunt scrise in engleza pentru ca personajele sunt, well, din America/Anglia. Deci, ca scrisoarea sa para reala, o scriu in engleza. Intelegeti de ce, da?)


Dear Hazel,

I know you probably don’t know me. That’s fine. You don’t have to know me. What’s important is that I know you.

I won’t tell you who I am. It doesn’t matter. I’m just another human being, like you and Augustus.

There’s a huge difference between us though. You’re brave. People say I am brave too but I don’t think so. Maybe I am, but in a different way. 

You know how to take a risk. You know how to love someone, especially Augustus. You know how to love him. I wouldn’t know how to do it. You know how to live your life, as short as it is.

I would say that I am sorry for what happened. But I know you wouldn’t like that. And the truth is… I’m not sorry. I don’t feel sorry for what happened with you or with Augustus. Because if it wouldn’t had happened, I wouldn’t have been here, writing this pathetic letter to you.

Your story brought me a new reason to love stories. Yes, it’s sad. And no, I don’t like what happened. But I think it was required. Without your cancer, you wouldn’t have met Augustus. And we would’ve been bored out of our mind without you and him and your story.

I don’t say I’m happy with what happened. I’m not. I was furious and sad and I wanted to punch something. But my heart was also lighter than usual. It may be seem weird, but I am gratful for meeting you and August. I liked your story and everything about you. Even that damn thing that helped you breathe.

My point with this letter is to tell you how much I respect you. You are not a fictional character for me. You are a persion, and I hope we could be best friends. It sounds childish and imature, but it’s the truth.

I respect you for being brave. I respect you for you personality. I liked the way you talked. I liked your passion for that book. I don’t remember the title because I am not good with names. 

Even though I’ve never saw you, I think you’re beautiful. Maybe you think I’m stupid, but from the beginning, from the moment I’ve met you, I thought you were beautiful.  I bet that if he would had been here, Augustus would agree with me. He would say, all serious and adorable, that as mouthy as you are, you’re exactly like a book that you see in a library. It’s the cover that gets your attention, but the inside that pulls you in.

I wish I could’ve spent more time with you. Maybe I’ll meet you again sometimes.

I need to go now. It was nice talking to you. I hope you and Augustus are happy wherever you are now.


Love Always,


P.S.: Tell Augustus I said ‘hi’, please!


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