‘Dear…’ (2)

Dear Charlie,

I’m not writing to you because she said you would listen. I’m writing to you because I want to and because I like you. But you don’t know who I am. I don’t really want you to, but if you do figure out who I am, that’s fine too.

People say you’re weird. I don’t think you are. I just think you don’t know how to act in society. And that’s fine. You are young. You have time to learn. And you are learning.

You’re a smart kid. Or, at least you were. Let’s pretend we are still in 1991-1992 for a little while, ok?

As you may know, you’re a wallflower. But you’re the coolest wallflower that I’ve ever met. I used to be a wallflower too, you know ? I was a weird, lonely child until 3 years ago, when I became what I am know. I was exactly like you.

I think you’re a genius. A real one, not just a human being that says great things. You are a genius because you see things. Your thoughts are so deep and meaningful that sometimes it’s hard to understand them. And I think that’s why people call you weird.

But you’re not. I understand you. I understand that this is how you were born. I understand that those few things that happened to you as a child traumatized you.

It pissed me of when people bullied you. It stills pisses me off when people say that they don’t understand you. That’s their fault, not yours.

I like you. I think you’re smart, funny and cool. I like your taste in music. I really do. And your taste in books is awesome too. I think yu have great taste. J

I want to say that I like Sam. She’s a great girl and she’s good for you. She gets you, the real you. Just like Patrick. They both get you. And they are good friends. So take care and try to keep them as close to you as possible. Because, as I saw, they can help you.

In the beginning you were a wallflower. At the end, you were better. You knew what life is. And you were just starting to live it.

I am glad you’re better. I really am. And I hope you’ll have a nice life with Sam and Patrick and your sister and whoever you want. You deserve it.

I want to thank you for keeping me company whenever I needed it. And thank you for keeping me busy when life was too hard to handle. I will meet you again. At least, I hope so. I want to.

I am wondering how you’re doing. I am wondering if you’re happy, if Sam and Patrick are happy. I’m also wondering if you’ve figured out who I am. I hope you didn’t.

Maybe you’ll find this letter weird. But I hope that you understood what I meant here.

I need to leave you now. Have a nice day. And a nice life. And say ‘hi’ to Sam and Patrick to me.

Ok. Bye.

Love Always,




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