Take your guitar and… breathe! (11)

Mi-e atat de somn si sunt asa de obosita incat nu prea imi vine sa postez altceva. Dar incerc. 🙂

Astazi vreau sa va fac cunostinta cu o carte pe care am pus mana astazi si care suna foarte bine! Se numeste ‘Out of Tune’ si e scrisa de Michelle D. Argyle. 🙂


Twenty-year-old Maggie Roads’ parents are legendary in the country music world. She wants nothing more than to follow in their footsteps, but the limelight isn’t reserved for singers who can’t carry a tune, let alone keep a rhythm.

When her parents tell her they’re getting divorced, Maggie decides it’s time to leave home and take her future into her own hands. Moving in with Cole, her best friend and sometimes boyfriend, might not be the best of ideas, but she’s got to start somewhere. Their off-and-on romance gets even more complicated when Maggie crushes on her new voice teacher, Nathan, who unlocks her stunning potential. A sensational music career of her own is finally within reach, but Maggie might need more than perfect pitch to find what she’s really looking for.

**Out of Tune is considered clean New Adult/Young Adult fiction appropriate for adults and young adults**

Nu-i asa ca suna bine? 🙂


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