How could a boy win my heart

With Valentine’s Day being less than a month away, I’ve decided to write a special post. A few days ago, I had an idea to make a list of things a boy could do to win my heart. And because this way you all could learn more about me, I’ve decided it to publish it on my blog. I wrote this list in English and I want t publish it on my blog in English too because I want everyone to understand me. 🙂

So, here we go.

How could a boy win my heart.

  1. Surprise me with book, flowers and chocolate. Because I love all of them and that would show that you’re thinking about me and care about me.

*Bonus round: 1. Tickets to see 1D live without complaining and not putting them down or teasing me about my directioner obsessiveness.*

2.   Take it like a man: If my dad threatens to  gut you with a knife or shoot you, you will not run away. Instead, stand up to him and tell him how much you care for me. Defend our love.

3. Accept me for who I am. It’s important for me to do so.

4. Understand that I can’t talk or go out with you all the time. I am a violinist and my career it’s very important for me and you don’t know how much it would mean for me if you’d let me practice as much as I need and not put pressure on me.

5. Let’s go back to #3 a little. Let me be weird with you. Let me laugh at your stupid jokes as much as I want and don’t make fun of my laugh.

6. Music is a really important part of me and it’s my favorite thing to do. So if you’d be passionate about it too and love it as much as I do, it will mean a lot to me.

7. I love laughing and having fun. I also love good jokes and funny guys.Be funny, make me laugh all the time and act weird whenever you feel like doing it, and I am yours.

8. Kiss me all the time. Because girls love it when boys find stupid excuses to kiss their girls and I do too.

9. I love movies, especially if there’s a book I love behind that movie. Take me out to see movies and I would be really happy.

10. Express your feelings. I need to know what you’re feeling for me and what you expect frm me. I will do the same thing with you. Plus, I think it’s very brave of a guy to express his feelings in front of the girl he likes.

11. Be, think and act positive. I don’t like drama, so don’t be t dramatic.

12. Hold my hand when we walk. Because, well, I just love it.

13. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings in public. I find it really cute when a boy hugs or kisses his girl in the street. With limitations, of course.

14. But don’t be sappy either. Even if some girls like big, sappy words, I don’t. Be honest and you will win my heart.

15. Come see me unexpectadley at school or at home while I am practicing. Occasionally bring me food cooked by you. Because it’s sexy when guys cook.

16. If you are reading this, you probably know that this is my book blog.You als know that I love books and I love reading. Let me read with my head in your lap or on your shoulder and don’t complain when I will be sad for a day or two because John Green broke my heart again.

17. Be a gentleman. Hold the door for me and pay. Because I love gentlemen.

18. Occasionally watch “The Originals”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Teen Wolf” and “Gossip Girl” with me. Because I love these shows and I would love to watch them with the boy I like.

19. Discuss music, movies, books and everything you want with me. Don’t always agree with me because that will be boring. Communicate with me.

20. I love my family and friends. Respect them and me. You’ll grow in my eyes this way.

21. Don’t force me to do anything I am not comfortable to do. It’s important for me to respect my limitations.

22. Take me to unique places. I love seeing new things and it will show me that you’re thinking about me.

23. Have great taste in music. I love the Queen and Scoprions. 😀

24. Don’t drink or party too much. Guys who are always drunk are so not attractive.

25. I love smiles. Have a nice one. And dimples, if possible.

26. Show me pictures with you as a kid. Because I want to know as much about you as possible.

27. I am a violinist. If you could play a musical instrument, it would be amazing. I really like guys who can play an instrument.

28. Have a nice smell. Or an unique one.

29. Kiss me in the rain. It’s every girl’s dream, right?

30. Let me play games with you, even though I am not much of a gamer. Having something in common and having fun is what makes a good relationship.

31. Be original.

32. Love books, if possible. Or read at least one book per year. 🙂

So this is it. Now, I’d like to know how could a boy win YOUR heart. 🙂


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