‘Dear…’ (5)

Dear Warner,

I know you’re probably busy, taking over the world and stuff. But please take a moment to read this, would you? I’ve some things I want to tell you.

You’re probably rolling your eyes, wondering who the hell am I and why are you reading this. Well, I can’t tell you who I am. Just know that I am a girl, ok? And know that I don’t dislike you. And you are reading this because, well, I want you to read it. Just read it, ok, and don’t look for reasons why you should do it.

Let me tell you something. I hated you. Really, really hated you. But wanna know when? When you were controlled by your father. When you were hurting Juliette, even when you didn’t want it. I hated you, but I didn’t know who you actually are.

And I am sorry for that, ok? I’m sorry I judged you. I’m sorry I hated you. I really am.

And then I started to like you. Right after you were shot. I started to like you. The way you were talking, the way you were acting and the way you were talking about Juliette. It was charming, even if you had no idea you were doing this to me. To us. You had no idea you were making us love like you.

You know, I started to understand you from the moment you started to explain yourself. You started to show us your true self.

And this is when I started to like you. You weren’t a monster anymore. You were a human being, but your humanity was locked in a caged. And that caged? That caged was opened by Juliette.

Then I started to hate your father. He is (or was) a bastard. I soon as I understood what he was doing to you, I wanted to but a bullet through his head. Through his heart. Oh wait! He doesn’t have a heart. He’s a monster. He’s the monster, not you.

Stop blaming yourself. You need to stop blaming yourself. You’re not a monster. You are not. Your father is. It’s his fault for everything that’s happened to you, or to Juliette, or to the world. It’s not yours, get it? He made you do everything you did.

I, in fact, think you are quite lovely. A little bit too lovely. You’re smart. Like, super smart. You have an ability to understand things that most of us can’t understand. You know how to think.  You know how to observe things. You’re mind, eyes and ears are opened.

And yes, Warner (or do you want me to call you Aaron?), you’re sexy. There. I said it. I like your tattoos. I think they represent you. In fact, I am considering tattooing “Ignite” on my back. We’ll see.

I like you. Yes, I really do. I like that you’re powerful. I like that you know how to use that power. You are not afraid to use it, and you don’t blame others from using it. You own it, you power it. I like that about you. You’re strong, invincible. And you know it.

You’re beautiful, inside and out. Well, I don’t actually know how you look, but I think you’re beautiful, because you’ve got a beautiful soul, love. You care about people, even if you don’t realize it.

You don’t know how beautiful you are when you are with Juliette. You care about her. You call her ‘love’.You do things for her. You love her. Understand her. She’s your equal. I like how you act around her.

You won me over with a short line. Remember that time when you’re father was alone, in a house, with Juliette, and he put a gun in your hand? Remember what you told him? Well, this is how you won me over.

I don’t know what else to tell you. I just… I like you, ok? I wish we could meet again. But we probably won’t.  I am wondering what you’ve been up to.

I hope you have a nice life. I really hope you do. Ok, then. I am going to leave you now.

Love always,



6 thoughts on “‘Dear…’ (5)

  1. Mda, cam asta era si in mintea mea in timp ce citeam Shatter Me :))) Absolut cea mai fenomenala serie, sfarsitul a fost pur si simplu devastator…si daca faci comparatie cu prima carte, in nici un caz nu ma asteptam la rasturnarea asta de situatie 🙂


    1. Exact! OMG, inca o persoana care ma intelege! Mie sfarsitul mi-a placut, dar a fost extrem de trist pentru ca a fost… ei bine, sfarsitul. Stii ce zic,nu? :))


      1. Daa :)) dar in acelasi timp ma bucur enorm pentru Warner ^_^ si cand ma gandesc ca mi-a placut din prima clipa si ii ziceam prietenei mele ”ai sa vezi ca in sfarsit iese cum vreau eu” iar ea ”nuuu, Adam 4ver, iubirea perfecta bla bla bla ” :)))


      2. :)) Mie nu mi-a placut din primul moment. Chiar l-am urat, dar a inceput sa imi fie simpatic odata cu “Destroy me”. Adam e chiar… fraieri, pe langa el. :))


      3. Ooo, eu i-am surprins potentialul de la inceput :)) Dar chiar daca mi-a placut enorm sfarsitul, mi se pare ca atitudinea lui Adam a fost prea dusa in extrem…nu stiu, mi s-a parut exagerat in unele faze.


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