ARC Review: “Assembly of Shapes” by Danielle Weiler



“I need a place, just for me, a place to escape, a place to just be. If I could create an assembly of shapes on endless pages…I do believe my life would be complete.”

Chas lives in a town where kids just want to get wasted, where one party melts into the next and they don’t think about life beyond school. Unless you’re one of the lucky rich kids, of course.

Chas’s I-don’t-give-a-rats persona doesn’t match his secret: he loves drawing. He sketches the girls he sleeps with; all but Kira, though not from lack of trying. Worse, the guys abide by a code, and Chas wants to break the most important rule.

He’s desperate for a way out. A future that doesn’t involve juvi or abusive stepfathers or friends who blame him. All he has to do is figure out how.


*I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!*

I have previously read another book written by Danielle Weiler, “Reckless”, and I loved it. I fell in love with Danielle’s writing style, and when I finished the book, I planed on reading another book of hers. When she told me about “Assembly of Shapes” I was so excited by the premise of the book. Plus, I was so eager to read something else written by her! I wanted to see what she came up with again.

I really enjoyed reading “Assembly of Shapes”. It’s a book that has its ups and downs, but you still love it, because it got a good story, an amazing writing style and an ah-mazing hero!

The best thing and the thing I love the most about any of Danielle’s books is, of course, the writing style. When I read “Reckless”, I fell in love with the writing style. It’s simple, yet it has something poetic and it “sounds” really good. The text flows just in the right way, not giving a rushed nor a dragged pace to the book. It’s just… right, you now? It flows well, it sounds well, it’s beautiul and poetic. Every time I read a book writing by Danielle Weiler, I fall in love harder with her writing style. I also feel like her writing style is better than the writing style from “Reckless”, if this is even possible.

The story between the pages of “Assembly of Shapes” is beautiful, tragic, captivating and sad. I wouldn’t exactly describe it as a romance, though maybe a quarter of this book is about love and relationships. But I don’t feel like it’s a romance. It’s more a book about life and about the problems that a teenager goes through. The author has  a very tough, yet realistic way of showing us the real face of the life. This book really shows us that life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. It also shows us how happy and lucky we are, in fact, and that some people have it harder than us. We should be happy with what we have while we have it, because we could lose it any moment. This book sends a strong message about everything: life, friends, enemies, relationships, love, teenager years and love. Also, the author wanted to show us that there’s always something that’s an escape (In this case, it was art and drawing.) and that we should do what we love. And that we must always watch our back. Whoever was our friend yesterday can be our worst enemy tomorrow. And… always tell the truth.

I really liked this thing about “Assembly of Shapes”: it’s full of life lessions and it sends a message. It’s also very realistic. Sometimes, so realistic that it’s shocking.

My favorite character from “Assembly of Shapes” was Chas. He’s smart, talented, but broken. He’s tragic, but he always finds an anchor, something that he can escape into if like gets too hard. Chas is also very charming and oh-so sexy! He’s got a way of acting around girls that’s just… awesome! 😀 Even if he’s tragic and broken, his irony and sarcasm makes you laugh. He’s not afraid of telling what he thinks. I liked how he cared about Kira and about his mom. I felt sorry for him most of the time. It was so unfire for him, everything he went through! Oh, and that makes me think of another thing.

What was that ending? What happened? OMG, that was such a cliffhanger! I don’t even know if the author will write a sequel. I just hope so, because I need to find out what exactly happened to Chas.

Kira and Chas were perfect together. Kira was a little too naïve for my taste, but she was cute. I hated Ben, I liked Cole, but I wasn’t much of a fan of Con. He was just… unappropiate, let’s say.

Attention, a short spoiler is coming!

I liked the story, but some things were a little predictable and ireal. I mean, there’s not explanation on why did Chas think  that Billy is his father. He suddenly thinks it, but never explains why he feels this way.  There’s also a short passage when things happened too fast and seemed a little forced. But, fortunately, it was short.

Spoiler’s over.

Overall, it was an enjoyable novel, a real New Adult book. I really believe that “Assembly of Shapes” has the potential to be a bestseller because it’s a fascinating read. The story will hold you captive and you won’t be able to escape until the end. The writing style is very beautiful – I loved it. You’ll love Kira and you’ll fall in love with Chas. Definitely a book that I recommend!

Rate: 3.5 stars out of 5



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