Let’s face it! We all love ficional characters!


We all do!
Ok, maybe having a boyfriend is nice and all, but having a book boyfriend is better. Which may sound weird and it is, but let me explain.
Book boyfriends can’t hurt you. Unless your book boyfriend is Augustus Waters. In that case, well, I’m really sorry for you.
They can’t disappoint you because, well, you can get them to do whatever you want.
And! Let’s be honest. We’ve all had a crushed on more than one guy at least once in our lives. But we couldn’t date them all because we would’ve been called sluts. But we can have as many book boyfriends as we want. No one will admit that you are crazy for believing that you have a book boyfriend and call you a slut, because tey would admit that they are crazy for taking you seriously just for a second.
So go ahead, read and fall In love with fictional characters. Stalk them. Life is much better with a fictionak character by your side. Don’t you agree?


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