Midnight stories (4)

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I have always loved this world and everything that has to do with it. I like waking up in the middle of the night and listen to the loud silence of the world. I like imagining other people in their beds, doing the exact same thing. Sometimes I can hear their breaths and I smile for it gives me a sense of belonging.
I like to think of myself as a traveler. Maybe my body is always staying in the same place, but my mind is always wandering in new places. In my mind, I’ve seen and done and explored things way greater than I could comprehend. I like exploring, with both my body and my mind. It gives me the peace of mind I’ve always looked for.
Waking up is always a treasure. I adore the feeling of the sun on my skin. The warmth always makes me smile. It’s like the sun welcomes me back; it tells me that he, the Sun, the King, is happy to see me awake.
But I also seek the rain and the shadow for I love the feeling of water on my skin. I can tell whenever it’s about to rain. The smell of earth and peace and natures invades my senses and I cannot help but smile. I know that in that exact moment I will be finally happy.
The rain has always been one of my closest friends. Rain is tragic, yet peaceful. Beautiful for some, but ugly for others. Rain is everything yet sometimes nothing. I like its depth, its beauty. And as much as I love the sun, I will always prefer the rain.
Rain inspires me. Its story makes me want to write volumes of my mind on a piece of paper.

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Although I love the sense of peace that sleep gives me, I wish I could stay awake my entire life for I want to discover this whole world. Every corner of it, even the ones that haven’t been touched yet.
I like looking around, seeing everything that this world’s come up with. I see the sea and it takes my breath away. The magnificent sea that has been everywhere and nowhere. Every time I think about how many people from another place in this world have seen the exact same water I’m seeing I can’t do anything else but be mesmerized.
The mountains are a great mystery to me. Imagine how many secrets and mysteries I could explore and call them mine because I’ve found them are out there. They are gigantic, impressive and they demand your attention. It’s hard to describe what I feel whenever I see a montain. I am both amazed and scared. I feel endless freedom, but I also feel very small.
I’ve always loved the water for it gives me a sense of purity.
I’ve always considered the moon a close friend of mine for it calms me.
Everytime I see a bird flying I try to imagine the freedom they must have. Flying whenever and wherever you please has to be the best feeling ever. But one I could never touch for I am just a small human being. I am caged and I will never be entirely free to do what pleases me.
The best and most mesmerizing miracle is the World itself. Just imagine how many countries and people and places there are and how many miracles! Sometimes I can’t wrap my head around the thought of how gigantic this world must be.
I can’t do anything else but hope that one day I will be able to unravel just a small part of the mysteries that surround us and I hope that my head will be filled with images and memories of wonderful places that my eyes have seen.


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