Happy birthday, Veronica Roth!


Astazi, 19 August, una dintre autoarele mele preferate implineste 26 de ani. Este vorba despre – surpriza! – Veronica Roth,  autoarea fenomenalei serii “Divergent”. Si pentru ca seria ei se numara printre seriile mele preferate, iar ea printre persoanele mele preferate, vreau sa ii transmit un mic mesaj, chiar daca stiu ca nu il va vedea niciodata.


Happy birthday, Veronica!


You are one of the most amazing and most talented person and author this world has ever come up with!


Your incredibly beautiful work has inspired many people and I am sure you’ve changed more lives than you think. You inspire me because you’ve showed me that it’s possible, even at a young age.


Thank you for all the wonderful memories and even for the pain after “Allegiant”. You’ve changed the world, even if you don’t believe it. You’ve chaged my world, at least. You’ve gave me yet another reason to read and write, yet another reason to fight. I admire abd respect you.


Never, but never stop writing!

We love you!

Come on everybody, wish Veronica happy birthday! ❤ <4


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