Loving him

He’s standing right in front of you. You look ar him and your breath catches in your throat. He’s beautiful. So beautiful that looking at him hurt.

You realize he’s saying something, but your ears don’t quite register what. You can hear him, but you can’t listen. All you can do is look into his eyes and try to decipher every mystery that his sould and body hide.
He’s smiling now. Your lips are smiling too. You stil can’t breathe. He’s no longer talking and you’re relived but you miss his voice, music to your ears.

You want to tell him everything that’s on your mind; you want to share with him every thought you’ve ever had about him. Every feeling you have for him, you want to show it. Every beat that your heart has ever skipped for him. You want to shred all of your skin and show him your true nature.
He asks you what’s on your mind. Still beautiful, still smiling. Still him.
You pull him closer by his shirt. So close that you can hear his little gasp when you smile.

You look at him. He’s the guy you want to furiously write volumes about. You could fill thousands of pages about his eyes and even more about his mouth. His black eyes would look beautiful in a story. His small mouth would beautifully tell you story. His story. And his fingers. His fingers would hold the book, gently turning the page from time to time.
Your head would be resting in his lap and you’d be silently watching him read. You’d follow his eyes that are running on the pages you wrote. One of his hands would go into your hair and play with it. You’d still be watching him read the greatest declaration of love in the history of human nature.He would smile and kiss you from time to time, when he’d read something that would bring him to tears.

You pull him even closer. In that moment, you’re sure that you love him. That you are in love with him. You’ve never een more sure of something in your entire life.

You tell him. You utter a small, breathy “I love you” and his face is struck by the brightest smile. You wish you could say more than an insensitive ‘I love you’, but you can’t. He understands though. He knows that he’s your life.
And he whispers his biggest secret. He loves you. He always has.
Your heart leaps into your throat. You can’t breathe, but you can smile.
You can kiss him. You want to.

He finally kisses you and his lips are your salvation. You drink him in like you’re dying.
You’re happy. For the first time in your life, your body is conquered by happiness.
He never pulls back from that kiss. Not even when time ends and you no longer exist.
His kiss is where the world ends and you start.


3 thoughts on “Loving him

  1. this is so powerful and has so much emotion, it actually made my insides shiver. good job, bianca! very good job, girl!


      1. You are very welcome! And when something is well written and it gives me, as a reader, something, I cannot do anything, but congratulate the writer! :p


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