Happy birthday John Green!

Astazi este ziua autorului meu preferat, John Green. Fiind autorul care mereu reuseste sa ma impresioneze, nu putea rata ocazia de a-i mai spune vreo doua. Nimic de rau, stati linistiti. 🙂


John, this is not going to be long. I’ve already said a lot about you and what you mean to me in the letter I wrote a few months ago.

With just a mere look at you one can say that you are different and very gifted. You have the gift of changing other people’s lives and this is the most valuable gift one could have.


You are a true nerd and you are not afraid to show it. This inspired me to be my true self. You’ve changed thousands of lives with your books and with everything that you say.


You are one of the best people that this planet has ever come up with. You are talented, funny, smart and you know what and when to say. Your books have inspired many people. Me among them.


Thank you for every word that you’ve ever written. Thank you for your characters, for your stories, for everything. Thank you for your lessons.  Even for the pain you’ve brought us with ‘The fault in our stars’.

Please know that we, your fans and reads, love you and value you more than you could ever imagine. Your books and everything you do inspired me to write more, to be better and to work harder. Thank you for that.

Don’t ever stop writing. The world needs your books.

Happy birthday!



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