Interview with C.J. Daugherty!

Did I ever tell that I love to take interviews?Well,if I didn’t I tell you now:I love to take interviews!Especially to the authors who I like.Today I came with an interview from C.J. Daugherty,the author of the “Night School” series( you can read the review here) .Thank you,CJ!


For the start,tell us something about you.

Let’s see. I’ve been a writer all my life, although until now I worked as a journalist or a travel writer. Now I’m writing fiction full time!

”Night school” is your first novel/ How did the story come in to your mind?

I was inspired by a visit to a boarding school near where I live. It was a huge, Victorian building in the countryside, far from any town. I couldn’t imagine going to school someplace so isolated. Thinking about what that would be like, inspired me to start imagining what would happen to a city girl sent away to school there.

Do you have a favourite character from all characters in “Night School”?If yes,who is it?

I have a very soft spot for Rachel. She’s always calm in the eye of a storm. And she’s also very funny.

Which is your favourite book series or book?

I LOVE Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. I simply cannot get enough of it. She created an amazing world, with believable characters who I love. And she writes thrilling fight scenes and chase scenes. She is also brilliant at writing romance, which is much more difficult than you might think!

From where does your inspiration comes?

I have a vivid imagination, and I’m always making up stories in my head. Things I see, and things I overhear – even the things on the news each day – inspire me.

Which is your favourite movie?

Hmmm. That’s difficult. It’s easier to say my top 5 or my top 10. But one of my favourite movies of all time is It’s a Wonderful Life. It makes me feel hopeful.

What do you think about “Twilight”?

Reading the Twilight series inspired me to write my own book. I liked Twilight a lot – I thought the story was great and the action was exciting. It kind of created a new path for writers to follow – and built a foundation for writers like me to stand on. For that, I think all YA authors owe Stephanie Meyer a debt of thanks.

What music do you listen?

When I’m writing I listen to jazz, classical and Arabic music – I like listening to Sufi music. It’s mysterious and exciting. When I’m not writing, I listen to a lot of random stuff. Today I downloaded “Wonderful World” by Joey Ramone.

Did you ever want to be a mystical creature?

All I ever really wanted to be was a witch. Did it happen? No.

Quel drag.

What do you think about Romania?

I hear it’s a beautiful place. My mother-in-law has been, and she says it’s gorgeous. I once took a train from Istanbul to Prague, and we JUST missed Romania, going through Bulgaria and Serbia instead. I think it’s a lovely part of the world.

What do you prefere: Romania or Greece?

Ha ha, I’m not answering that question, aside from saying I think they’re both WONDERFUL. J

But what about our literature?

Both countries have a rich tradition of literature — Greece in particular — which students all over the world spend years of their lives studying. I think you’re very lucky to come from some place with such a fascinating literary history. Every time we look up into the sky, we look at stars and constellations named after Greek literary figures. What an amazing legacy to offer the world!

How did you became an author?

I’ve always been a writer. First for newspapers, later for magazines, then books. It was a natural progression. It helps that I never wanted to be anything else. All I’ve ever wanted to do was write, and everything I ever did in my life – and I’ve held HUNDREDS of jobs – was designed to make it possible for me to write.

And now…a selfish question: what do youthink about my  blog? 😀

Your blog is GREAT! I think it’s wonderful that you’re sharing book reviews and tips with people all over the world.

And now,tell something to your Roumanians fans.

Night School comes out in Romania later this year – I hope its tale of life and death in an English boarding school wins you over! And thank you so much for reading about it on Bianca’s wonderful blog.

You can learn even more about CJ visiting her site.

What do you think?