Blog Tour: “Fruit of Misfortune” by Nely Cab (Book excerpt)

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Hello! I’m really glad that you’re here! Since ‘Creatura’ is one of my favorite series, I’m really excited to share an excerpt today with you. You can asl read my review for ‘Fruit of Misfortune’ here.


TITLE: Fruit of Misfortune

RELEASE: May 1, 2014

AUTHOR: Nely Cab

GENRE: Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal


Isis and her boyfriend, David, are on the brink of a horrible transformation and they are eager to stop it. Together, they set out on a quest to Greece to find Isis’ biological father—the only person that may be able to help them. Their journey comes to an abrupt stop before it even begins when Isis falls ill, and Eros, David’s best friend, arrives in Athens, unannounced and curious…with a plan of his own.

The hunt for her father leads Isis on the turbulent path of deceit, death, and demons as she anticipates the dawning of the beast that stirs inside her.

Book trailer:



I opened my mouth to deny it, but closed it just as fast, knowing there was no sense in arguing. Nyx could sense these things. I lowered my head, my cheeks on fire from embarrassment. She knew that she was right, and so did I.

“I’m not judging or reproaching you, Isis.” Nyx’s porcelain face rested on her fist.

“I haven’t admitted to anything.”

Her lips lifted at the corners with a confidence I had come to relate with deities. “Nor have you denied it.”

That was the end of my defense. A crow cawed, hiding some-
where in the tree branches—mocking me, no less. I traced the white, scrolled, metal arm on the patio chair, busying my hand to keep from biting what was left of my nails.

“Does it make you uncomfortable that I know this much?”

“It has since I met you.”

 “Oh.” Nyx looked surprised. “I’m sorry you feel that way. I don’t know the limit on how intimate mother and daughter-in-law talks should be.”

Daughter-in-law? That word was too awkward to use in this conversation. I felt like an ant under a magnifying glass, churning under the intensity of the rays of commitment.

“I won’t dwell on it anymore, and you can rest assured that I won’t tell.”

“What are you two gossiping about?” A voice came from behind me.

David’s hand landed on my shoulder and I tensed. His lips touched the side of my forehead for a moment.

“Girl talk,” Nyx said. “You should know better than to ask.”

About the author:


Nely Cab has lived and resided in a small, quiet South Texas town most of her life. She worked in banking for several years, before she relocated to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 2001, where she dedicated time to the study of culinary arts and the art of oil painting. After her return to the U.S., Nely resumed her employment in banking and later transitioned to the field of Social Work.

Today, Nely Cab writes from the comfort of her home, where she lives with her husband and son. Her life goal is to check-off Bucket List Item No. 95,623,351: To Conquer the World. While she aspires world domination, Nely can be found lost in other fantasy worlds in front of her computer, sipping coffee.


 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website | Blog | Goodreads

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Blog Tour: “How to say Goodbye” by Amber Lin (Excerpt)


How To Say Goodbye by Amber Lin
Publication date: April 7th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Amy has a secret: no one has ever held her hand. She doesn’t even know how to hug. Everybody thinks she’s brilliant, but that’s because school was all she had. Then she meets Dane, a golden-haired surfer whose easy charm and hot touch teach her what she longs to know.

Dane lives for the salty breeze and a sweet wave, because that’s all he has. He’s lived on the streets since he was fourteen. A drifter. Homeless. But Amy changes everything. Smart and accomplished, she’s everything he’s not. He wants to be the sort of man who deserves her.

Except that means facing down his past—and that past might very well swallow them both.


He smiled with the barest hint of irony. “Guess you have better things to do than build a sand castle.”

She hated how his words echoed her thoughts, how they put him down. Didn’t he know how much she would give to be like him? Relaxed. Confident. God, she didn’t want to be afraid anymore.

“I’ve got time.”

He pointed behind the castle. “There’s an enchanted forest right there.”

She knelt down. “Here?”

“No, over. A few inches to the left. Don’t you see it?”

He was…teasing her. It took her a second to understand just because it had never happened before. Not that she could remember.

She looked down to hide her smile. “I think I’ve got it now.”

He grinned. “Then get building, Cornell.”

Her first attempt was more like a molehill with a pointed top. By her second she’d learned to pack the sand more tightly, earning a brief nod from him. After that she worked steadily, forming the little conical pine trees in varying sizes. A vision sketched in her mind, of lush trees and woodland creatures, of fancy and imagination.

Kneeling in her oh-so-practical shoes was impossible, so she took them off. Her skirt hiked up her thighs as she scooted around the forest. Sand squeezed between the mesh of her stockings.

She hoped it would never come out.

When he finished carving arched windows, he stood back and dusted the sand from his palms. She trailed a finger down the last tree—this was how he’d feel, gritty and soft—before standing up to join him.

He was tall. His height shouldn’t have been a surprise; she was often the shortest one in the room. But she’d been equal to him on the ground, both of them dirty and eager in the sand. Now he was the tall, handsome stranger, and she the shy girl who hardly spoke.

She’d aced fluid mechanics, for God’s sake, so why should this matter? It didn’t, it didn’t. But her heart double-timed when she asked, “What do you think of the forest?”

With mock solemnity he studied the trees. They lined up neatly in rows like a Christmas tree farm she’d passed once in rural New York.

“It’s pretty,” he said, repeating her words. Then he smiled, almost shy. “Very pretty. Do you want to grab some dinner?”

Her breath caught. Had he just asked her out? It had sounded like that. Exactly like that. Her heart beat a rapid pace.

Daylight traced tiny lines radiating from his eyes, from the corners of his mouth. A smattering of blond hair covered the tanned skin of his chest, highlighting lean muscles beneath. Even the tips of his eyelashes were bleached, every part of him touched by the sun. A golden boy, a rippling-surface stereotype, while hidden depths lurked beneath. What would it take to dive under? In that moment she wanted to find out. Right then she wanted to drown.

But she’d had a lifetime of treading water, of survival. Only one answer made sense.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice sounded hoarse with disuse, as if she hadn’t spoken in years instead of seconds. “I’m not going to be here long. In Florida.”

She kicked herself. He hadn’t asked her to marry him, for God’s sake. He’d only wanted a date, and she should be able to do that. If she were more normal, she could have.

Fleeting emotions flickered across his face. Disappointment first, followed by others she couldn’t understand. But resignation—that one she recognized like an old friend.

“All right. Take care then.” His voice rang with finality. They would part now. She wouldn’t see him again, because she didn’t know how to be close to another human being. No textbook had ever taught her. No monthly phone call had told her how to feel.

Her face heated.

“You too,” she murmured. “I’ll see you around.”

But even that presumed too much. A slight shake of his head said no, she wouldn’t. His lips curved in a cold shadow of his former smile.

“Bye, Cornell.” He crossed the beach, heading for the water.

He walked right past the frothy edge and dived underneath, leaving only ripples in his wake. His head came up once for air, and again, and again, growing smaller, farther away.

She waited for hours. Or seconds, really. She stood with sand caked to her hands and her knees, feeling abraded and raw. Every other time in her life, she’d pretended not to want this. Friends and laughter. Easy camaraderie. Touch. Standing on the cooling sand, her stomach grumbling with hunger, she could no longer pretend.

About the author:


Amber Lin is an author of edgy and emotional erotic romance. RT Book Reviews gave her debut, Giving It Up, 4.5 stars and called it “truly extraordinary.”
Author Links:

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Blog Tour: ‘The Impaler Legacy Omnibus’ by Ioana Visan

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll enjoy the interview with Ioana I’ve prepared for you!

Impaler Legacy - Omnibus


Book Description

In a world crawling with vampires, Romania is the safest place left on earth. Thanks to the Little Council, there hasn’t been a vampire on Romanian ground in over five centuries, until one day when Liana Cantacuzino is ordered to bring one in, covertly.

Enter Maximilien Hess, a thousand-year-old vampire determined to ruin the existing order of things. When all is revealed, Hess’s secret changes everything, and a reluctant alliance is formed because the alternative is much worse.

The Impaler Legacy Omnibus, a vampire saga like no other, includes:

The Impaler’s Revenge (novella)

Sweet Surrender (short story)

A Victory that Counts (novella)

Casualties of War (short story)

Order Restored (novella)

The Third Wheel (short story)


Hi, Ioana! So basically this is kind of a flash interview. You can’t answer me with more than 30 words.

1. Describe yourself in 5 words.

Creative, sensitive, realistic, determined, weird.

2. Best memory from your childhood.

Spending New Year’s Eve with the whole family.

3. Favorite animal.

4. Favorite music/band/singer.

Leonard Cohen.

5. Favorite book.

Dune by Frank Herbert.

 6. Favorite blogger or blog.

7. Craziest thing you’ve ever done.

I turned down a job offer so I could focus on writing.

8. Favorite food.

Ice cream.

9. Favorite drink.

Sweet champagne.

10. How did you start reading?

Grandma taught me when I was four.

About the author:

Award-winning writer Ioana Visan has always dreamed about reaching the stars, but since she can’t, she writes about it.

After fighting the apocalypse aftermath in “Human Instincts”, she played with shapeshifters in “Blue Moon Café Series: Where Shifters Meet for Drinks”, and then she dealt with vampires in “The Impaler Legacy” series, before tackling longer works like a fantasy trilogy and a science fiction series.

Aside from publishing short stories in various Romanian magazines and anthologies, she published a short story collection “Efectul de nautil” and the Romanian edition of “Human Instincts”.

She was awarded the Encouragement Award by The European Science Fiction Society at Eurocon 2013.

Social Links








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Blog Tour: “Blue Notes” by Carrie Lofty (Excerpt)

BlueNotesTourBannerBlue Notes by Carrie Lofty
Published by: Gallery Books
Publication date: April 7th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance



For fans of Jamie McGuire and S.C. Stephens, a sizzling new adult novel featuring the tumultuous relationship between a young piano prodigy and a reluctant billionaire playboy—set against the vibrant backdrop of a New Orleans college campus.

After being bounced from foster family to foster family, Keeley, a talented pianist, is ready to start over as a junior at Tulane. But when she plays a small concert that attracts the attention of Jude, a brooding playboy and heir to an enormous fortune in the wake of his parents’ tragic death, suddenly Keeley’s life is thrown off balance once again.

Jude is the first person to confront her about the pain behind her music, and she struggles with whether or not to let him into her life, or to keep protecting herself from the hurt that relationships have caused her in the past. But Keeley’s about to learn that the melancholy young billionaire who appears to have everything can open her eyes to exactly what she needs…



There’s a man standing outside the rehearsal room door.

First thing: chocolate. That’s all I can think. I catch a glimpse of chocolate brown hair that’s long enough to curl at his collar, but really neatly styled. Sunlight from a window at the end of the hallway makes the tips of those curls shine.

Second thing: an honest to goodness three piece suit. He looks like a full-blown executive, but young enough to pull off posh guy trends straight out of Details.

Third thing: oh holy damn, he’s ungodly handsome.

“And I thought Katrina was a helluva storm,” he says. “Do we really need more hurricanes in this town?”

He was listening?

Air sucks up from my lungs and into my throat, and crunches together like a car smashing into a concrete barrier. To be so exposed to a drop-dead gorgeous guy—a man, really . . .

He’s almost beautiful. His features are elegant, as if bred from perfect aristocratic lines. Cheekbones to die for. Lashes tipped with gold. Piercing, heart of a flame blue eyes. Absolutely fathomless.

Finally, my idiot brain remembers to act like a grown-up. “Where do you get off?”

Okay, sort of grown-up.

His expression barely changes except that his eyebrows lift into condescending arcs. He’s talking to an ant and wants me to know it. “Nowhere public.”

It takes me a few seconds to catch the innuendo. I wind up even more embarrassed. I know the mechanics of a guy getting off, but that’s where my knowledge ends. I want to find some snappy sexual retort that’d really shock him. . . .

“I’m serious,” I say, my anger rising. “Do you dress up and skulk around the music halls, waiting to insult someone?”

He waves a derisive hand toward the open door to the rehearsal room. “Whatever that was would’ve bent anyone’s ear.”

His voice is really getting to me. It’s refined but with that unmistakable New Orleans saunter. His voice is voodoo. I want to melt into it. Be hypnotized by it.

Instead, my pride wins out.

“Why don’t you head over to the art department next? ‘Sorry, sugar, that color palette is an insult to my eyes.’ ”

His lips relax. “I didn’t call you ‘sugar.’ ”

“Small favors.”

“If I want to talk about how things look.” He flashes his gaze up and down my body. It’s definitely not appreciative. “You give me a lot to work with.”

“I’ve been rehearsing for an hour,” I say, steady and forceful. “You’ve been, what, primping? Give me that much time and I can look like a pretentious snob too.”

The relaxed lull of his lips turns into a half smile that would outshine most I’m really trying smiles. “You don’t know who I am, do you?” he asks with a chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m not even sure myself. I appreciate the laugh, though.” He’s looking at me, like I was put on this earth to be his jester.

I so want to hit him. A messenger bag can be turned into a weapon, right?

“Yeah, I’m loud and I’m a mess, but I’m damn good at what I do. You, however . . . You can get out of my way.”

He steps dramatically back, even offering a condescending bow. “Like this, sugar?”

The impulse to run is really strong, but I’m okay. Right? Sure. No biggie. I’m blinking past a wash of red.

“Dead end that way,” the stranger calls.

I come to an emergency door. Aw, screw it.

I slam the door’s horizontal exit bar. As alarms ricochet through Dixon Hall, I really don’t care.

About the author:

Since 2008, RITA-nominated and RT Reviewers’ Choice-winning author Carrie Lofty has over twenty books to her name–or four names, to be precise. Her paranormal (as Lindsey Piper ) and historical romances from Pocket have been described as “nuanced and superbly realized” (The Chicago Tribune) and “sexy, brutal and somehow innocent” (All About Romance). Now Carrie is celebrating her first New Adult romance, Blue Notes , featuring a shy piano prodigy and a New Orleans playboy shouldering his family’s crumbling empire.

With Lorelie Brown, the Katie Porter co-writing team has been honored with a Reviewers’ Choice award for Best Erotic Ebook, and the first m/m nomination for RT‘s Book of the Year. Back-to-back releases of their La Femme Nakita-inspired “Command Force Alpha” series will begin in August from Samhain.

During her junior year abroad, Carrie lured an unsuspecting Englishman to the Midwest, where she’s kept him a happy ex-pat for sixteen years. With two pre-teen daughters and a master’s degree specializing in the Old West, Carrie is a movie buff, a former ballroom and bellydancer, and a woman in desperate need of a maid service.

Author links:

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Blog Tour: “Kissing Eden” by T.A. Foster (Author interview)


Hello, guys! Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by! Today I have the pleasure to host T.A. Foster and her book, ‘Kissing Eden’, on my blog. I hope you’ll like the interview we’ve prepared for you! 🙂


Have you ever thought of taking a vacation alone? I mean step on a plane, check into your hotel, and lie on the beach completely and utterly alone. No? Me either, but then right before senior spring break I got dumped.

Something about break ups makes you do things you didn’t want to do, and try things you didn’t know you were capable of.

That’s how I ended up at the Palm Palace.

That’s how I met Grey.

That’s how my spring break turned into the most unforgettable week of my life.


Amazon Link:

B&N Link:



About the author:

T.A. Foster once spent a monthlong spring break on South Padre Island, where she soaked in the Texas sun, beach, and learned what real Texas country music is. Sometimes fiction does spring from reality.

She grew up catching rays and chasing waves along the North Carolina Outer Banks and now resides in the state with her adventurous pilot husband, two children, and two canine kiddos.

T.A. has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a graduate degree in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University. When she’s not chasing her two-legged and four-legged children or trying to escape for date night, you can find her reading, writing, or planning her next beach trip.

Author Links:




Author Goodreads:


1.Hello,T.A.!It’s a pleasure to have you on my blog. Would you like to tell us something about you,please?

Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I’m a southern girl from North Carolina. I grew up on a small island on the Outer Banks—closest city life was two hours away. After living in Texas and California I moved back to NC with my Air Force pilot husband and two children. Life is fun, interesting, and always unexpected.

2.Would you tell something to us about your book?

It’s about a girl who has to come to terms with decisions she’s made in a very unusual way—on spring break and on her own.

3.How did you come up with the story?

I spent a month in South Padre working for a company during the four-week spring break season. I think the stories and the memories from that trip have always been with me.

4.When did you start writing?

I started writing when I was six and have continued in different capacities ever since.

5.Who or what inspires you?

My inspiration changes as my life does. Since becoming a mother I’ve been very inspired by my family—watching as my children read for the first time or experience the beach—life moments like that fuel me.

6.Which is your favourite book series or book?Why?

I do love a good series and it’s so hard to pick just one. Reaching back to my early days of reading, I absolutely loved The Anne of Green Gables series. I read all of Anne’s books and then the ones about her daughter, Ella.

9.Which is your favorite movie?

It’s so hard to narrow that down to one. Can I give a list? Bull Durham, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually, Gone With the Wind, Top Gun (Ok, I’ll stop).

10.What advice would you give to someone who wants to publish a book?

My advice is to write. It might sound simple, but you can’t work and perfect something that doesn’t exist. Keep writing and don’t be deterred by the entire process. Focus on the words and the rest will fall into place.

11. What kind of music do you like?

Lately, my house has been bombarded by the Frozen soundtrack, but I am a big country music fan.

12.Did you ever want to be a mystical creature?

That’s an interesting question. No, I never thought about one, but I used to be really intrigued by Pegasus.

13.How and when did you decide that you’d like to publish your book?

I’ve been writing for years. In the summer of 2012 I started making plans for my first book, Time Spell. I thought about the story and the characters for months before I wrote a single word.

Do you have a message for my blog’s followers?

Thank you for reading about Kissing Eden and me—there are a lot more fun books ahead! Happy reading, everyone!



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Blog Tour: “Escape in You” by Rachel Schurig (Author interview)


Escape In You by Rachel Schurig
Publication date: October 13th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


This new adult contemporary romance contains mature themes and is recommended for ages 18+This is a complete story with no cliffhanger!

Jet Taylor is the quintessential bad boy. A womanizer. A fighter. Dangerous. The type of guy most girls do their best to avoid. But Zoe Janes is no saint herself. In fact, she sees in Jet the perfect opportunity to distract herself from her responsibilities at home and the mistakes that keep her trapped there. He’s gorgeous, likes to party, and is clearly only interested in having fun—just like Zoe.

The more time they spend together, the harder it is for Zoe to stick to her “fun only” mantra. Jet is getting under her skin, making her believe things could actually be different. She knows they’re both trapped by the sins of their past but Jet is starting to make her think freedom might actually be possible.

And that makes him the most dangerous boy of all.

About the author:

Rachel Schurig lives in the metro Detroit area with her dog, Lucy. She loves to watch reality TV and she reads as many books as she can get her hands on. In her spare time, Rachel decorates cakes. Her THREE GIRLS series is available now from Amazon!

Author Links:
Author interview:

1. Hello, Rachel! It’s a pleasure to have you on my blog. Would you like to tell us something about you, please?

Thank you so much for having me! I am a USA Today best selling author with eleven books published. I write chick lit and contemporary romance. I live in Michigan where this winter seems like it will never end! I have a dog named Lucy and I love to spend time out doors. Of course I love to read!

2. Would you tell something to us about your book?

Escape In You is the story of Jet Taylor and Zoe Janes. Both Jet and Zoe have troubling home lives that make them feel trapped. They’re very lonely and they use partying and drinking to cover up their emotions. After they meet, they help each other to overcome the pain in their life—to escape.

3. How did you come up with the story?

My dog Lucy and I were taking a walk through a wooded area by my house when I saw a young couple sitting on a fallen log off the path. The girl had her head on the boy’s shoulder and both had their eyes closed. There was something sad about them, but they also seemed insulated in each other, like the rest of the world couldn’t bother them when they were together. That is very much how Zoe and Jet are—their relationship helps them deal with all the hard stuff in their lives. They escape in each other so that the bad things can’t hurt them.

4. When did you start writing?

I’ve always loved writing for fun but I didn’t get serious about it until a few years ago. I published my first book in 2012 and I was addicted immediately! I’ve been writing and publishing as fast I can ever since.

5. Who or what inspires you?

I’m very inspired by people who fearlessly live their dreams. I desperately wanted to be a writer and I was very unhappy in my job. Quitting to write full time was scary but I have met so many awesome writers who did just that. They inspired me to take the plunge and quit my job. People can live fearlessly in lots of ways, small and large. From sacrificing to work in a field you’re passionate about to following love even when it’s inconvenient or scary, I find acts of fearlessness very inspiring. I try to write characters who make those kinds of choices in their lives.

6. Which is your favourite book series or book?Why?

This is so hard because I love reading! My all time favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It’s such a good love story! I love that the characters are flawed and they have to make changes to be happy. I also love the Harry Potter series because I believe it is truly magical.

9. Which is your favorite movie?

An Affair to Remember. It’s a classic movie starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. It has everything I love in a romance—a great build-up, plenty of humor, lots of emotion, a gorgeous leading man, and a wonderful happy ending. Plus, it inspired Sleepless in Seattle, which I also love!

10. What advice would you give to someone who wants to publish a book?

Practice, practice, practice! I think the best way to practice is to read a lot, particularly in the genre you want to write in. Then write as much as you can. Get people you trust to give you feedback, then get feedback from strangers who won’t worry about hurting your feelings 😉 This is a great time to be a writer because digital books allow you to connect directly with readers. I directly upload my own books to Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble. That means there’s a lot of extra work (indie writers are responsible for their own editors, cover artists, etc.) but you also have a lot of freedom to write what you want and what your readers want to read.

11. What kind of music do you like?

I like lots of different stuff. Sometimes I listen to classical or slow strummy guitar stuff while I’m writing. I also like oldies, current pop songs, eighties music. Some of my favorites artists are Adele, Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers, Britney, Rihanna, Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Macklemore, Joshua Radin. Basically something different for every mood! I don’t like rap or country too much, but I do think country singers write some of the best love songs. I love Hanson! I know they annoyed people when they were younger but now that they’re grown up they have some good albums. And they all turned out really cute, which doesn’t hurt, right?

12. Did you ever want to be a mystical creature?

When I was little any time I got near the water I pretended to be a mermaid! I would love to have some kind of magic or mystical powers. The ability to fly would be at the top of my list, even though I’m afraid of heights!

13. How and when did you decide that you’d like to publish your book?

I’d always wanted to publish a book but I didn’t think I could do it. It’s very difficult to get a publisher or an agent interested in your work. Plus, the first books I wrote were in a genre called chick lit (kind of like romantic comedy) and publishers were basically saying they didn’t want to publish that. When I heard about indie publishing—the ability for authors to directly upload their work to vendors—I knew that was what I wanted to try. And I’ve loved it so far! I’m able to write what I like as quickly as I like. I can also try new things! Escape in You is a little different from my other books—it’s more emotional and a little darker. I’m so glad to be an indie publisher because I have the chance to experiment like that.

Do you have a message for my blog’s followers?

I didn’t realize how awesome life really was until I started to do the things I love. I think it’s so important to devote time and energy to the things you’re passionate about. That can be a hobby, a career, a relationship, whatever. If you’re passionate about it, that makes it worthwhile. And you’ll be so much happier if you make those things your focus.

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Blog Tour: “Destroyed” by Pepper Winters (Deleted Scene)

Hello, guys! Today I have the big pleasure to host one of my favorite authors, Pepper Winters, and her new book ‘Destroyed’, on my blog! Also, today you have the chance to read an exclusive deleted scene from ‘Destroyed’! How awesome is this?

Title: Destroyed
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Dark (Lighter) / Romance (Grey Romance)
Release Date: March 7, 2014
Tour Hosted by: As the Pages Turn
She has a secret.
I’m complicated. Not broken or ruined or running from a past I can’t face. Just complicated. 
I thought my life couldn’t get any more tangled in deceit and confusion. But I hadn’t met him. I hadn’t realized how far I could fall or what I’d do to get free. 
He has a secret.
I’ve never pretended to be good or deserving. I chase who I want, do what I want, act how I want.
I didn’t have time to lust after a woman I had no right to lust after. I told myself to shut up and stay hidden. But then she tried to run. I’d tasted what she could offer me and damned if I would let her go.
One secret destroys them.
Buy Links – Destroyed
Deleted Scene:

He moved forward a step, backing me up against a thick worktable covered in tools and odd bits of metal. His face darkened, etching with anger but then he sighed and his temper faded. “Look, I fucked up. I couldn’t handle it and I’m sorry.” He looked like a black mountain towering over me. “You need to forgive me. I didn’t mean to say what I did. I need you to come back.”

I studied him. His face held shadows of bruises, his jaw slightly puffy. He’d been in another fight—searching for a way out of this hell. His black jacket and trousers swallowed the brightness of the halogens dotted around the room. He’d always favoured black and now I knew why. He was death incarnate. Everything he touched turned to ruin.—HAZEL

*About Pepper*
Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero the better and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex… her books have sex. 
She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby (who speaks French—hot!) who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends. She loves to hear from her readers so hit her up at
*Connect with Pepper*
Click HERE to visit the other stops & follow the fun!

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Blog Tour: “TAUT: The Ford Book” by J.A. Huss (Book review)


TAUT: The Ford Book by JA Huss
(Rook and Ronin Spin-off)
Published January 20, 2014
Contemporary, Erotic Romance, New-ish Adult


TAUT IS A STANDALONE NOVEL – you do NOT have to read any of the Rook and Ronin books first.Ford Aston is known for many things. Being an emotionless, messed up bastard, a freakishly smart social outcast, and a cold, domineering master who keeps “pets” instead of girlfriends.And after Rook broke his heart, he plans to keep it that way.Ashleigh is known for nothing, and that’s exactly what she’s got going for her. She’s broke, stranded in the mountains with a three month old baby, and Ford Aston is screwing with her head.

Big. Time.

And she plans to mess with his right back.

It’s a coy game at first, filled with flirting, and innuendo–but Ford soon realizes something is not quite right with Ashleigh. In fact, something is seriously, seriously wrong and the closer they get to their final destination, the closer Ford gets to the truth.

One night of devastation, self-loathing, and emptiness turns into the best thing that ever happened to Ford Aston. But one day of in-your-face reality threatens Ashleigh’s whole existence.

Since A LOT of people have been asking here is the scoop on how this book fits in with my Rook & Ronin series:

Ford first appears in Rook and Ronin #2, Manic. He has a bigger role in Panic, R&R #3, and then he has a novella, called SLACK. This TAUT book is only FORD. It’s not really part of the R&R series, as that plot has all been sidelined for this one romance book.



*I was provided with a free copy of this book for the blog tour. Thank you!*

“ TAUT: The Ford Book” was… WOW! Fuking awesome! I want to read it again, because I feel like I didn’t get enough this time and I really, really need more of Ford.

Ok, so if you’re following my blog/GoodReads profile, you probably know that I am a huge fan of the “Rook and Ronin” series. I read and loved the entire series and I would read it again tomorrow if I could. I was really sad when I finished the series, but excited when I found out that the author has a surprise for us. A surprise in the form of a spinoff! I was even more excited when I found out that the spinoff is about… FORD! Yup, Ford! I looooved him in “Panic” and “Manic”, but I felt like I didn’t know enough about him. So a spinoff was greatly appreciated!

As I said, “Ford” is an amazing book. I loved everypart of it, mainly because Ford is the main character. I loved him from the very first moment I “met” him. Even though I didn’t know a lot about him, he’s that one supportive character you love.

The book had a nice rhythm from the beginning. I was captivated by Ford and his attitude from the very first page. After I read the first chapter I was entirely hooked. I couldn’t wait to find out more about him and his story.

Ford is the perfect character for a captivating new adult novel. He’s mysterious; extremely sexy and handsome; very smart. A genius, to be honest. He’s a real genius. He amazed me with all his story from his childhood, because… well, seriously, how many kids can learn a language without any help? He’s very mysterious because he’s got that cool attitude; he doesn’t let anyone in and doesn’t say so much about him. He’s quiet and doesn’t say much. He’s extremely sexy, because, well, he’s sexy. He’s charming, he’s got a way with words that attracts everyone and he has a dirty mind. As I said, he’s very smart. Like, really, really smart. It’s scary sometimes, knowing that he can find you in any place of the words just by hacking into a computer. I like his way of thinking. He’s very wise and he sees things. Like, really sees them.

I don’t think he’s a bastard. Yes, he is emotionless, but that’s because he doesn’t know how to cope with his emotions. He’s good a very complicated mind, but he is anything but a basard. The way he took care of Ashleigh and her baby and the way he fell in love with her… it was amazing. It made ME fall in love with him. In this book, Ford shows us another side of him. A side that cares. A side that takes good care of strangers. A side that can fall in love. But you can also see a dark side of him. That side… we all have it, right? That doesn’t make him a bastard.

Ashleigh. Man, I loved her! I loved her badass attitude, her way of taking care of herself and of her baby and they way she treated Ford. She is so right for Ford! She’s smart, brave, mouthy and kind of weird. And mysterious, just like Ford.

They make a great couple. Seriously, they are hot! I am sooo glad Ford didn’t end up with Rook, because they don’t make a couple as great as Ashleigh and Ford do. Ashleigh and Ford are meant to be.

There are some really, really hot scenes in this book. Really hot.

Kate’s presence was kinda weird, though. It’s like she’s a character, she’s present, but she never speaks. She’s adorable, though!

Ford’s story is very well thought and built. There are enough secrets and enough intrigue to keep you reading without being able to put down the book. There are some pretty big plot twists that will surprise you. The Accident, or Ashleigh’s secret… everything is very well built and written. The plot is very strong and you can’t find plot holes. Amazing thing. I hate plot holes in a story with potential. This isn’t the case, though. It’s obviously that the author built her world and story and thought about it, before writing it.

Ashleigh story is sad and shocking. I was really sad to find out about her. And there is a particurly sad scene that Ford is part of. Jee, that was so sad and the emotions were so well described that you could actually feel them!

There is a plot twist near the end that will leave you hopeless. But then Ford uses his magic weapons and surprises the reader with an amazing move. I never thought Ford would do something like that. But he’s a very unpredictable guy, so you can never be sure around him.

Ashleigh’s father and sister? UGH they annoyed the hell out of me.

The love story between Ford and Ashleigh is really beautiful and romantic. Yes, I know we are talking about Ford, but it’s still romantic. And steamy as hell. The dialogues between them are so entertaining and fun! They flirt and banter all the time, but there are some deep dialogues as well. Oh, let’s not forget about the sexy flirting between Ashleigh and Ford.

J.A. Huss amazed me again. I personally think this is her best book so far. The characters feel more real and stronger, the action is more captivating, the rhythm of the book is just right to make you read without stopping, the stories (both Ford’s and Ashleigh’s) are well built, the love story is surprising, the plot twists will leave you breathless, the ending is perfect and Julie’s writing style is ah-mazing. I really, really loved this book. It’s amazing!

I seriously want more, because the ending was so perfect and so oirgarghergegwe I can’t even think about it without crying inside.

“TAUT: The Ford Book” is a captivating book that shows us Ford Aston’s heart. This book will make you laugh and cry as well. You will find yourself completely hooked with the characters, their stories and their attitudes. An unique book that every fan of New Adult can enjoy!

Rate: 5 stars out of 5


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About the author:e18f4-author_photo_ja_huss200

J. A. Huss likes to write new adult books that make you think and keep you guessing. Her favorite genre to read is space opera, but since practically no one reads those books, she writes new adult science fiction, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, urban fantasy, and books about Junco (who refuses to be saddled with a label).

She has an undergraduate degree in horses, (yes, really–Thank you, Colorado State University) and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology from the University of Florida. She used to have a job driving around Colorado doing pretty much nothing but shooting the breeze with farmers, but now she just writes, runs the New Adult Addiction and Clean Teen Reads Book Blogs, and runs an online science classroom for homeschoolers.

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Blog Tour: “Prelude” by Nely Cab (Author interview)

Prelude Blog Tour Banner

Hello, guys! Welcome to my blog! Today I am hosting Nely Cab and her new book, “Prelude”, on my blog. We’ve prepared an interesting interview for you. Hope you like it! 🙂

Prelude Blog Tour Banner


Author: Nely Cab

Release Date: 2/3/14


Prelude – Creatura 0.5

It’s not easy creating life, but that’s what Deus was meant to do. And as amazing as his new creations may be, Deus finds that there’s nothing wonderful about being the only person in existence. Using his power, he molds a companion to keep him company; only, something goes awry and Starr soon proves to be as wild as the animals he’s crafted.

What do you do when the only other person in the universe hates you? You fall in love, of course…because that’s how forever begins.

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About the author:


Nely Cab was born on December 9, 1974, in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She has lived and resided in a small, quiet South Texas town most of her life. Putting her Computer Accounting skills to use, Cab worked in banking for several years. In 2001, the author relocated to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, where she dedicated time to the study of culinary arts and the art of oil painting. After her return to the U.S., Nely resumed her employment in banking and later transitioned to the field of Social Work.

Today, Nely Cab writes from the comfort of her home, where she lives with her husband and son. Her life goal is to check-off Bucket List Item No. 95,623,351: To Conquer the World. While she aspires world domination, Nely continues to work on her debut series Creatura.


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Author interview:

Hi, Nely! So basically this is kind of a flash interview. You can’t answer me with more than 30 words. Now call me evil! 😛

1. Describe yourself in 5 words.

Obsessive, crafty, imaginary, sympathetic, coffeeaholic

2. Best memory from your childhood.

Playing with my cousin and making him pretend to be my dog.

3. Favorite animal.


4. Favorite music/band/singer.

Too many, but Green Day, Guns ’n Roses, and The Beatles are high up there.

5. Favorite book.

Book? As in singular?  I have too many. The Goddess Test Series, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Warm Bodies, The Immortal Game, Rockin’ the Heart… etc.

6. Favorite blogger or blog.

This question is so unfair. I love all of them.

7. Craziest thing you’ve ever done.

I wrote a letter to The Queen and she answered.

8. Favorite food.

All of it. Why are you making me choose favorites? You’re like a Nazi!

9. Favorite drink.


10. Now, let me be a little  evil. Choose between Creatura and Prelude.

I will not! I choose both.

11. If Creatura will get a movie deal, who would you like to play David and Isis?

OOoooohh…ok, let’s see… India Eisley would be a perfect Isis. Chace Crawford would make a good David.

12. Chocolate or ice cream?


13. Favorite perfume.

Chanel No 5, Muse by Estee Lauder, Prada, Mariela Burani and the rest that are on my dresser.

14. Happiest moment of your life.

The day I held my son for the first time.

15. Perfume or make up? 😛

I can’t live without either. Pass…

Bonus question: Do you admit that you’re a weirdo?

I do hereby admit it, and I’m happy to do so because that’s what makes me Nely Cab.


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Blog Tour: “Layers” by Sigal Ehrlich (Book review)


Layers by Sigal Ehrlich
Publication date: October, 2013
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance



According to Hayley love is a subject of ridicule, a myth created by hopeless romantics.

When Hayley makes a resolution to declare her loose lifestyle era R.I.P, it’s all good in theory…

That is until she meets Daniel Stark, a well-respected, mid-thirties business man who is known for his short temper, lack of steady relationships as well as his strict preserve of his private life.

Opinionated, sharp tongued Hayley accidently steps into his office leaving Daniel resolved to put Hayley in her place and have her in his bed.

Both Hayley and Daniel can’t avoid the immediate instigation of the attraction between them.

In a unanimously agreed upon verdict by Hayley and her two best friends, Ian the gay self-absorb, aspiring model and Natasha the witty, borderline neurotic soul mate, Daniel Stark is to be Hayley’s pure physical attraction, emotions aside era closure.

Will it indeed be a closure, or a beginning to something neither Hayley nor Daniel ever bargained for…


*I was provided with a free copy of this book for the blog tour. Thank you, Sigal!*

When I read the blurb for “Layers”, I was really, really excited about it. I wanted to read it because Hayley sounded awesome. I love heroines that know how to stand up for themselves. So I signed up for the blog tour and received my copy. And started reading it.

Man, I SO loved “Layers”! It was pure awesomeness!! It’s that book that you know it’s not the best book you’ve read, but you still love it.

I read “Layers” in more than a week, which is crazy, because I loved the book. BUT life got in the way and I had school and rehearsals and you know, friends and boyfriend and everyone wanted my opinion about something. So I couldn’t read as much as I wanted to. I had only an hour available for reading, but my mind was often to the characters. I couldn’t wait to finish my day and be in bed and read more of Daniel and Hayley.

As I said, “Layers” isn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but I still loved it. It has something very captivating in it. Some kind of atmosphere that makes you want to read until you reach the last page. It’s very engaging and the author has a way of making the world around you disappeaar.

Hayley, you are awesome! Jee, she’s awesome! I loved her! Probably one of my favorite characters ever.  She’s one of those female characters with a badass attitude. She’s smart, she doesn’t care about what people think or say, she knows how to stand her ground, she knows what she wants and she fights for it. She’s ironic, mouthy and charming. Loved her.

Ian! Ian, my love, I am in love with you! But as a friend! Seriously, he’s cool, really cool. I loved him. I need a friend like him, because a friend like Ian can always lift you up. Such an amazing personality that he’s got!

Oh, and Tasha! She’s such an amazing friend! I’ve always wanted a friend like her! Yup, she’s very loyal and protective! J

This book got me from the beginning. Ever since I read the first word I knew I would have a great time reading it and I knew I was completely hooked. Hayley was partially the reason why I liked the books from the beginning: she’s very different as a character and I wanted to find out her story. When she met Daniel, I knew something was going to happen between them. They had an “insta-chemistry” between them and that chemistry made me want to read.

The scene in the kitchen is probably one of my favorite scenes ever. I loved the dialogue – it’s funny, flirty and cocky. I loved Hayley’s attitude: she stood her ground, didn’t get scared of the man that was trying to make her uncomfortable and she was very mouthy and flirty. Daniel was really cool, too. I could never guess who he actually was and why he was there. He was very flirty, charming and funny too, just like Hayley. There was a spark between them and I knew they are meant to be. It might sound crazy to talk this way about two characters, but yeah, you can see how connected I feel with the characters.

Speaking about this… a great thing about “Layers” is that you feel really connected with the characters, even from the beginning. As I said before, Hayley made me read this book. I felt really connected to her – like she was my best friend. On the other side, Daniel is a little bit more difficult to read and understand. He’s really mysterious. You can’t understand him easily.  But this makes the book even more interesting and captivating.

I have to recognize that sometimes the pace was a little bit too dragged and it bored me. But yeah, whenever I felt bored, Daniel would  make an appearance and everything would go back to being interesting.

Hayley and Daniel’s relationship was sweet and hot in the same time. They are like magnets. I loved them together. They are perfect for each other and I seriously think they are meant to be. You could cut their chemistry with a knife. Besides, I like the way Daniel treats Hayley. And their love was almost palpable. It didn’t even bother me when they confessed their love for each other after 50%.

There is a huge plot twist that made me love this book even more. And that ending? THAT ENDING?! THAT CLIFFHANGER?! UGH I AM SO ANGRY WITH THAT CLIFFHANGER! I want to read the sequel now! The book and the ending leaves you with so many questions  (well, maybe not so many. 3 or 4.) and you just want to read the sequel because you’re really attached to the characters and you want those answers and you want to know what happened with Hayley and Daniel. Ugh can I have the sequel like right now?!

The emotions are really well described. Especially near the end. The pain feels real. Loved this thing.

All in all, “Layers” was probably the best book I’ve read this year (read 3 so far!) . It has an atmosphere that keeps you hooked, a main character that will make you clap and a really nice love story that will make you sigh and smile. I loved the writing style and I desperately need to read the sequel! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Rate: 5 stars out of 5

About the author:


By teen age, Sigal already lived in three different continents where she had the luck to experience and visit varied places, meet unique people, which only helped fuel her overly developed imagination. Currently, Sigal calls Estonia home where she lives with her husband and three kids.

Not exactly sure where they will end up next…

When she is not hiding in her office, writing, she enjoys music, reading and taking care of her little clan.

With a great believe in “don’t wait for things to happen – make them happen,” she enjoys anything exciting life has to offer.



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